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The road to a Better version of yourself:

Where do you start?

This is a Question so many people ask just as they realise that they need to make a change. 

Unfortunately, most are so eager and willing, but do not have the way or means to follow through with the dream that eveyone should have - To Become a better version of yourself. 

This is where we come in, we build you the perfect plan of action, whatever your goal or need would be. We take your hand and lead you with a solid foundation to bring out the best in you.

We take you as you are, wherever you are, to wherever you need to exell towards. You are capable, you are better than you ever thought, you have so much more grit and success inside you than you would ever know.

The journey we take will teach you skills that will become part of your being. this will transform your lifestyle, your way of thinking, your body, your perception of yourself, and so much more.

Take a chance on yourself.

Go from fragile to fierce with a complete lifestyle change.

You need this chance, just take it...

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I am a Conditioning specialist with years of experience in Body transformation,Personal training, Correspondence training, Sports Conditioning, Nutritional planning

I also have 7 Years of experience in Fitness and Bodybuilding Judging

Part owner of Fabuloss Physiques Personal training Studio - Brooklyn Pretoria (14 years in the making)

Numerous Athlete preparation for national and international standard (Training, Nutrition and Stage coaching)

Athlete myself 

Nabba South Africa Novice Overall Provincial Champion 2014

Nabba South Africa Novice Overall National Champion 2014

Nabba South Africa Model Fitness 2nd Place Provincials 2014

Nabba South Africa Model Fitness 2nd Place Nationals 2014

Nabba South Africa Fitness Bodybuilding 3rd Place Nationals 2015

W.F.F World Championships Fitness Bodybuilding 2nd Place Worldwide 2015

Nabba South Africa Peformance Bodybuilding 3rd Place Provincials 2016

Nabba South Africa Performance Bodybuilding 4th Place Nationals 2016 - Qualified For National Team

Nabba South Africa Bermuda / Physique Model Winner 2018

Nabba South Africa Bermuda / Physiique Model Over all Winner - PRO STATUS RECEIVED 2018

W.F.F World Championships 7th Place Worldwide - Huntington Beach California 2018


-NABBA SA A-Class Judge
-NABBA SA Regional Chief Judge